I decided to restart my website and rather than do just another simple website, I thought I would try a blog format.

Blogging seems easier to change my mood and format quickly and allow me more freedom to change my site more often than once in 4 years. Yes, it was that long since I changed my last website. Parts were still from college, and I graduated 4 years ago.

Right now I am suffering from severe insomnia. It is 4:30 in the morning and I still have not been to sleep. I am catching up on the DVR and am watching “Last Comic Standing”, and still can not understand why on earth “God’s Pottery” was even selected for the show. They are 1 note comics. They can only do a single character and not even a good one. It’s actually very annoying character at that. I think even Sasha Cohen is funnier. I usually say that most of his are just moronic. Thank God they were voted off. It was a forgone conclusion that they would be voted off. No matter what the producers thought, the audience knew they stank. I wish Esther Ku hadn’t been voted off. I still thought she was funny. Although, I wish the chick that did the geek humor stayed in for the finals.

Well, I am off to try to sleep. Since it is nearly 5 am now, and I got to get the kids up to clean their room before they leave for camp on Saturday (at 7:30 am!) and get last minute errands run.