I am not a happy camper. Yes, the pun is not intended. I am so angry with a certain church that offered to take my kids camping. First off, they were offered the opportunity on 7/3 at like 3 pm. Then Monday they call wondering why the paperwork is not in yet. Gee could it be because I need a doctor to sign off on the paperwork and there was a holiday?????

So I finally get the papers in and pack the kids up to have them to the church by 7:30. They get there and everything is fine. Two hours later, we get a call saying the kids were rejected for health reasons at the camp. Nothing more, just that excuse. So they get back and turns out that of 6 people in the van, 4 are sent home with lice. The only 2 to stay are the ones whose mother drove and treated them for lice before they left.

See now to be accurate, I am deathly afraid of this as it has happened in the past that they got a case of resistant lice in preschool. It took over 3 months to clear it up. We tried everything and finally had to give both girls a crew cut to get it all out. So trust me I know what it looks like and they DID NOT have it before they left that morning.

So the lady offers to take them back to camp on Monday. Out loud in front of the kids. She tells us she will call on Sunday to work out the time. All day Sunday – no call. Finally, my husband calls her to find out what’s up. Turns out that the church people REFUSED to allow her to take the kids back. Gas prices is the excuse.

To make matters worse, we spent nearly $40 to buy the treatment for both kids. And low and behold turns out that a teenager – NOT A NURSE checked them. They checked the top of their heads, not in the nape of the neck or behind their ears where lice is most commonly found. The nurse didn’t listen when the girls told her that they both have psoriasis. Which in their case is BAD dandruff the size of nits, but is easily moved from the hair shaft and is yellowish not whitish. To double-check we had my step-mother in law, who is a cosmetologist check the girls and she told us the same thing. The girls were clean – they never had it to begin with!!!!!

So now we are out the money for camp, the treatment for lice, and have 2 VERY grumpy and weepy tweens. And yesterday the neighbor who also attends the church wondered why we told them the girls will not be going anywhere near that church in the fall for youth group. What makes this even more sad, is this is a organization that is known for charity and helping poor children. This is one person who will not be giving them a dime at Christmas for the kettle.