Why on earth do genealogy?  Because it can be fun finding out the secrets no one wanted you to know.  I have found unwed mothers, murderers, and many other skeletons in the closet.  But nothing quite compares to this story, at least for me.

I have been working on my family tree from my husband and my families for about 15 years now.  I have never made it very far in either tree, but continue to source and document what it is that I have.  During that time, I ran into a family member who married a Savage.  Of course this led to the question by my kids of “Are we related to Adam Savage?”

For those of you who do not know who Adam Savage is, he is the more hyper and I feel more creative member of MythBusters.  The redhead.  The one who lost an eyebrow.  The one who said the line I like to use when in a losing argument – “I reject your reality and substitute it for my own.”  He is also wears some pretty snarky and cool tee-shirts.

So getting back to the question I decided to look into it.  I know from wikipedia that Adam’s father was an artist as well that had worked on Sesame Street.  That led me to finding his father was Whitney Lee Savage.  He has some very interesting art work that I kinda like.  I also found out then, that Whitney Lee was born in West Virginia.  From West Virginia census records, I was able to track down Whitney Lee to his father Joseph, who was mentioned in the biography of his father, Whitney Lee, in West Virginia, in history, life, literature and industry.  The biography mentions Joseph’s grandfather William A. Savage was married to Thankful Detty.

Now I had already done research into the Detty family as they are related through my husband’s paternal grandmother.  From what I can gather, Thankful is the daughter of Joseph Detty, who is my husband’s 3rd Great-grandfather’s brother.  Making Adam Savage my husbands 5th Cousin.  A bit too far to be considered “family” by most accounts, even to contact him, but cool enough that my kids are ecstatic that we may be related.

Also in our family are lines that go all the way back to Plymouth Colony and early New Amsterdam, including one line that goes to the first child born in the New Amsterdam Colony, Issac de Trieux.  I also have connections to the Delano family, which gives me distant relations to the Roosevelts, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I forget exactly how the Roosevelt family and Laura Ingalls are related as they are no longer in my smaller database that I work from.

So what cool connections do you have in your tree?