Here I am already running late.  But in return I shall write on two topics in one day.

Christmas trees have always been a part of my family traditions for as long as I can remember.  We moved from a real tree to an artificial one at some point, but even that did not matter.  The weekend after Thanksgiving it went up, and it was there until Epiphany.  I loved to play with the manger set until it was perfect in my eyes.  OK, so my older sisters would set it up too, but I remember often playing around and moving the characters.

When I became an adult there were a couple years without a tree.  The year I lived with several guys in my early to mid-20’s.  The year I was pregnant with my daughters, which makes sense when you understand I delivered them only 3 weeks after Christmas.  Every year we have had a tree since the girls were little.  Mainly they were artificial, once or twice a real one.  One of the real ones came the year that Grace only wanted a real tree for Christmas.  She was insistent on it.  The smell of pine was heavenly.  The other a year later because someone gave us one.

This year there will be no tree.  We discussed it already, and it was decided.  I am not happy with the decision, but understand why.  Our apartment has never really had room for a tree, unless we move furniture out and put it in the kitchen.  Usually we didn’t have the table, eating in the front room, so there was no table to have to move out.  Now we do, we still eat in the front room though.  Also, for some unremembered reason the tree was thrown out last year.  I think it may have gotten bent, but there is also the possibility it was thrown out because we all hated how straggly it was.  This year we have a puppy who eats everything, and we just don’t feel that the tree is a good idea this year.