Woo hoo an about me page! Just what everyone wants to read right? Well, here’s my chance to tell my story with no unruly interruptions from the peanut gallery. Hey you over there, mind being quiet so I can talk?

I am a geek.  Not too hardcore but enough to have a geek code.

Version: 3.1
GCS/O d- s-:++ a C++(++++)>$ UL>++++ P+ L+ E— W++>$ N- o? K w+ O—- !M V PS+(+++)@ PE- Y+ PGP t++ 5 X+ R tv++ b+++ DI+ D- G+ e++ h—- r+++ x++++

If you really want to know what it means – click here.


Where were you born and how old are you?

I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin’ on the porch with my family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi. Oh wait that was The Jerk. I was born in Montour Falls, New York. It was a small town, still is a small town. I have been back twice since I was a young child. I was adopted by my parents in 1972. I was 21 months old and moved down the road a piece to Horseheads. Such a wonderful name for a town. Again, it was a small town. You do the math and figure out how old I am. Remember to subtract 2 years for the “lady” age.

Any siblings?

I have two sisters, Lynn and Tracy. Lynn was my much older adopted sister, she was born 7 years before me and adopted as an infant in San Jose, California. Tracy is my full sister, she was adopted with me.


Dad worked for American LaFrance, the company that makes fire engines. My mom was a stay at home mom, before they were called that. In 1974, my dad began working for Borden’s. Someday I may post a pic of me taken at a company picnic with Elsie the Cow.  They are retired now and live in Conway, South Carolina.

Where have you lived?

Let see after the two places mentioned above, we ended up moving to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I remember the move only vaguely. I grew up in two houses – one on N. 31st Street, the other was Riverside Lane. I don’t remember a lot about the first house except that there was a tornado when I was young that touched down in a park not far from my home. The second house I remember much better. Could that be because I was in 1st grade when we moved there?

Then we moved to Worthington, Ohio (remember that it is pronounced with a slight snotty accent a la Waaaaathington). After graduation I lived in Fairborn and Dayton, Ohio while I went to Wright State University. I moved back to Columbus after flunking out and lived in Pickerington for a short time before returning to Columbus, living in the Clintonville area.

I also did a stint in a car – short term homelessness. I ended up moving in with a couple of guys I knew through friends.

Now, I live in Delaware, Ohio home of the Little Brown Jug.


I don’t remember many friends or neighbors in Sheboygan, except the teenager who called me Ann Lee all the time, and the girls whose dad made me a Barbie bed for Christmas one year. And I can’t remember their names for anything. My best friends from school were Norma Ornelas (sp. is probably wrong), who was Hispanic and taught me a little Spanish, and Grace Hamister, who had gerbils and hamsters. And then there was my “husband” Joey, who I married at the tender age of 5 under the flagpole on the Bicentennial. His sister and Tracy were best friends and I think may have pushed us into it.

I had a few friends in Worthington, and apparently more that I forgot I had. The one’s that I remember most were Angie, Erin, Jeremy, Eric G. and Owen. Although looking at some old pictures of me on Facebook there apparently were others like Geoff.

Husband? Kids?

Steve and I got married in 1995, about 3 months after we got started dating. We have twin daughters. We now live in Delaware, Ohio, where he grew up. I figured I might as well make the kids life hell, as they have now had some of the same teachers as their dad did in school. Waves to Mrs. Higgy. Although most of the ones my husband and his parents had have retired. But I digress. Steve works as an Apartment Maintenance guy. Yes, he’s the guy apartment dwellers call when the toilet or stove isn’t working.

But what about you?

I flunked out of Wright State mainly by skipping class – a lot. But I finally returned to college and graduated from DeVry University with a degree in Computer Information Systems in 2004. Like anyone who knew me 20 or more years ago would have probably guessed. I mean come on I was in the computer club in elementary school and taught a few teachers who to use the Apple II, just a year after they came out. Although my parents never got me one, I think they were afraid I would take over the world in an evil plot. Or change everyone’s grades. I have yet to find a job using my degree.

Any hobbies?

Well, I watch a lot of TV, mainly Bones, CSI, CSI:NY (Gary Sinise, sigh), Dirty Jobs and MythBusters. Although I do watch Table for 12, as it reminds me why I didn’t try to have children after the girls were born. I also play The Sims 2, make web graphics, and generally waste time on the Internets. I also work slowly on my genealogy that I have worked on here and there for over 14 years.

Anything else? Well, fine if you got questions let me know.