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Moving blogs

Well, I have finally grown frustrated with Blogger, so I am moving into my new home.  Pardon the dust as I get settled.  If you want to see the old one: click here


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This week I chose to do the Pretty Rose Vector Tutorial. However I had so many issues, I ended up doing the selection version of the same tutorial. I ended up recoloring the image to reflect a slightly darker rose and leaves.


Here’s the back story of what is going on:

About a month ago to save some money we changed ISP’s. Not that we didn’t love Earthlink but unfortunately Road Runner offered a lower price option for us. But I have one MAJOR issue with RR.

Years ago you could upload your own web pages without using a simplistic template. I figured when going back that this would be still true – but NO we changed less than 10 days from their decision to place all new users on a “simpler” web page service. This means that the pages HAVE to be their template and no more hiding my images for the blog in a folder on a page that is not linked to. This also stinks for me being able to post my resume in a professional looking site as the templates look like amateur hour. I design web sites as a hobby and really wanted to use those skills without having to set everything up on a cd to send to a company. It is so much easier to type a website address on my resume so they can see my talent at a glance.

This also caused major issues for this blog as it is mainly a lot of images that are transparent in some areas. Blogger and Picasa turned them into JPEG’s – which are not transparent or animated.

With suggestions I moved all transparent and animated images to Fotki. I love the service and it is so easy to use – but images uploaded to blogs are jpegs and you can only get the original image links for the tags if you pay $30 a year. Money I don’t have. Hence the ARRRRRGGG in the title.

So I am trying imageshack now. From what it looks like I can use the transparent images as seen in the previous post.

Here is my November 7th Tutorial. I did the Christmas Taggin’ tutorial. I useg a photo of my girls from thier first Christmas. The ribbon is not the one from the tutorial – I used one from Bel Vidotti.


This was the tutorial I did for October 12th. This top image is the original tube I created from the tutorial. The second image is the Tag I made using the tube.